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What is a Visitor Visa ?

The visitor visa is a type of nonimmigrant visa for persons desiring to enter a foreign country temporarily for visiting friends and relatives, business, or for pleasure, tourism or medical treatment.

Tourist vs Visitor Visa

Tourist visa, as the name implies, is a document that one requires to be able to enter a country where he intends to go for a limited period for the purpose of traveling. This visa clearly states that the immigrant must not engage in any kind of business activities. A visitor visa, on the other hand is for a person who intends to remain in the country for a myriad reasons that may be specified on the visa stamp such as visiting a friend or family, medical treatment, business etc.

For example, there are two types of visitor visas issued by the US namely B1 and B2 where B1 is for business and B2 is for pleasure or medical treatment. A visitor visa is for a longer duration than a tourist visa. Both are non immigrant visas in the sense that the person does not get any citizen rights while he is there and has to get extension of the visa after every 6 months. Applicants of either type of visa have to demonstrate that they have a permanent residence in their country of origin.

In brief : Visitor Visa vs. Tourist Visa

  • In some countries tourist and visitor visa are treated as same while in others, they are classified as different categories
  • A tourist visa stipulates the duration of stay and the purpose (which is leisure travel)
  • Visitor visa may be for the purpose of visiting friends or family, medical treatment, business etc.
  • Visitor visa is granted for a longer duration and the immigrant has to get extensions after every 6 months.

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