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Top Institutions

Australia enjoys a unique position in the world of education. All its courses i.e. academic, technical or vocational are internationally recognized as intensive, innovative and highly comprehensive programs. University of Melbourne and Australia National University are regarded as two of the top universities in the world.

State of art facilities

The Australian educational system has developed a strong reputation for adopting new technologies and training methodologies. Facilities offered by Australian colleges for training, research and even class room guidance are truly state of the art.

You can expect world-class laboratories, outstanding cloud hosted libraries, superlative research and development facilities offered by most Australian Universities.

Qualification & Quality Recognition

The degree and diploma offered by Australian Universities are recognized by employers and educational institutions from all across the world. Moreover, the Australian Quality Parameter (AQF) covers almost all courses undertaken by international students, thereby assuring students that the Australian government is directly responsible for the quality of courses offered by their universities.

The AQF is a highly rigorous and structured quality control program which is directly run by the Australian Government through ESOS to protect the interests of its international students.

Affordable Courses

Higher education in Australia would prove to be more advantageous for students who are looking for short, intensive career oriented courses. Australia recognizes the Indian 12+3 high school and graduation degrees and the duration of most Masters level courses is between 1.5 to 2 years. Cost of education is not expensive when compared with the U.S.

Job Opportunities during and after Education

  • During holidays students are allowed to work full time.
  • Students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week during semesters to pay for their living expenses.
  • Students also get post study work rights of 2-3 years, depending on the course undertaken.
  • Students who are going for a Diploma won’t be getting any work permit after the studies.
  • Students who are going for a Bachelor’s Degree or 2 years Master Program will get 2 years of work permit.
  • Students who are going for a Master by Research work will get 3 years of work permit.
  • Students who are going for a PhD courses will get 4 years of work permit.

High Standard of Living

With a population of just 21 million, Australia is one of the best places to live and earn while you learn. The standard of living in Australia is one of the highest in world, yet very economical when compared to most Western and European countries.

Possibility of Immigration

In addition to providing an outstanding educational opportunity, once you have completed a registered course of 2 years study in Australia you may be eligible to apply within Australia for a Skilled Permanent Residency Visa under the Graduate Overseas Student Subclass. This will entitle you to permanent residency status thus allowing you unrestricted work rights in Australia (conditions apply).

Considerations have to be taken into account when we are talking about studies, which play an important role in our lives. Now a day's People might want to study in their own countries as well as study abroad. To begin with, one reason that makes students to study outside of their own country is the fact that they want to learn another language. To experience a new life in a new country, and also to get a master or doctorate degree. Many people go to another country in order to get a degree, to begin a new life, and to experience a new culture. New immigrants typically move to some different country because of more jobs, housing, and service. People move out of the native country or state for various reasons like Better employment opportunities and a desire for a better living and future are the main reasons.

Study in Australia is one of the best education systems of the world. Highly ranked universities with world-class standards are there. They give better employment to the students. LSI denote a corporation company which is based on Milpitas, California working of this company is to produce a semiconductors, software, and networking sectors with the help of mobile networking network, and it also work on computing the client network with different field. What the things we have to require for filling a job application form for this company. The Long Horn Steak House Job Application, it is a different categories company on the field of Hotel and restaurant with server technology which is totally give an excellent support to their customers and clients. LSI gives a better opportunity in the different field with best of corporation in the electronics field. It works on the category of making electronics items and networking parameters with the mobile computing revenges. They required a lot of employments on the different fields. The Coe and president of this company is Abhor Tal walker which gives an better response to the company for the improvements and increasing the revenue of the company because without employee no one kind of companies goes to increments with high level so job applied persons are the basic need of all the company.

Australia is the largest Island and the smallest continent in the world. Its capital is Canberra. Other major cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Brisbane.

Located between Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia enjoys a temperate climate and boasts of a unique ecological system. It's also one of the least densely populated countries.

Australia has a vibrant and resilient economy. A transparent and stable business climate makes it one of the world's most reliable and attractive environments for entrepreneurs. It is ranked as 21st largest importer & 23rd largest exporter. Main Sectors are mining, agriculture, transportation, education, dairy, etc.

Admission Intakes

Australian institutions have major intake in the month of February/ Early March each year. July/ August intake is also a very big intake with few courses in the specialized programs not being offered at this point of time.

Some courses also start in the month of May, October and November.

Part time Work during Studies

Students are allowed to get 20 hrs per week during the studies and full time during the vacations.


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