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Why Europe?

When it comes to pursuing low-cost education from abroad, then Europe is the right destination for you. There are so many universities in Europe that provide quality education and charge a very low-fees for the same. In fact, Germany is one such country that has abolished tuition fees for domestic as well as international students. So, if you are planning to study in Chandigarh, then it becomes very important to consult someone who specializes in Europe Study Visa. The good news is that Final Touch Immigration has made a name for itself for being reliable and competent Europe Study Visa Consultant in Faridkot.

We can help you choose a European country that falls in your budget range so that your international education plan can take off as soon as possible. We have provided European Study Visa to lots of students at a very low cost for the countries like:

(I) Norway
(II) Netherlands
(III) Spain
(IV) Luxembourg
(V) Belgium
(VI) Austria
(VII) Spain
(VIII) Sweden
(IX) Finland
(X) Germany
(XI) Italy
(XII) Hungary
(XIII) Ukraine.

The list goes on, however, the aforesaid countries are one of the cheapest European countries to study in. The professional counsellors at The Visa Land recommend you the best European country based on the factors like budget, academic background, interests, etc. We do this analysis so that a better future can be developed for you that brings happiness and joy.

We share a massive experience of more than a decade in the immigration and visa industry, that can benefit your purpose of studying in Europe in the best possible way. It doesn't matter which stream you completed your high-school education because Europe has a lot to offer to everyone. Also, the daily cost-of-living in Europe is also cheap apart from the tuition fee. We help students in developing a perfect plan for studying in Europe so that they spend less and save more for the bright future.

Good Academic Grades

For Bachelor degrees you need a minimum score of 75% in XII and for graduate diploma courses you need to score between 50-55% in Class XII. Those interested in Post graduate diploma programs need a minimum score of 55-60% in their bachelor's degrees. To pursue masters you would need a minimum score of 60% with relevant work experience in the same field.

English Requirement IELTS/ TOEFL is not mandatory.

If a student has good academic scores in English in class 12th then his/her IELTS/TOEFL can be Ignored.

Visa Requirements
Good Academic Grades
Good IELTS Score

Proof of proper finances : You need show enough documented evidence to prove that you or your sponsors have the finances to support your education and life in Europe. Students find help at hand European universities have special staff assigned for guiding foreign students called International Student Advisers. Students can seek their help as and when if they suffers from any problems. European universities hold arrival orientations for international students to publicize them with the campus. To help out the students the campus assigned the counsellors to the students with whom they can discuss any issues regarding changing of majors and also to appoint a coach for themselves.


It is always best to stay on campus. Not because they contain the basic amenities but also on-campus life allows students to gradually integrate into the student community under the guidance of peers and staff.Home-stays provide family life and are usually cheaper than on campus accommodation. Depending on your location, home-stays usually cost 800-1000USD a month on single occupancy room basis, including meals. Students who decide to rent an apartment can also get valuable help from the university student association.


Some universities have their own credit union or other banking services. Before opening an account, find out which banks are near where you would live and study. It may be difficult to open an account from overseas, so take enough money with you to live on until you can open a European account.

Basic Essentials

Getting ready for different destination and living alone should be prepared with basic necessities. As a student you plan accordingly, prepare a list of things which you will need initially. Make sure your baggage should include seasonally and appropriate clothing, insurance documents, medical prescription back up supply and letter from doctor

Home Comforts

It is a good idea to take a few small mementos of home with you – photos of friends and family will brighten your room and remind you of what you're temporarily leaving behind. Ensure that you have the right clothes to battle the change of seasons.

Mobile Phones

When you first arrive, it is expected that you will be calling home frequently. It is essential to check your phone's compatibility with European mobile operators, as some phones don't work in the Europe. With diverse choices of handsets and monthly plans, you can enjoy variety in handsets, operators and competitive costs. Since most prepaid connections require a Social Security card, a prepaid connection is cost effective and a convenient alternative.

Internet & Email Access

Usually college campus is fully equipped with Wi-Fi. Students do get access in the college campus. But it's better to have a personal laptop. You can check out the details at your university's book store.


We provide professional immigration and consulting services to clients from around the Punjab.

we understand that our clients invest immense trust in us, respecting this association, we do not under any circumstance compromise on integrity.


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